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  Fulg de Nea - Paltinis  
  Grandfather's House - Poplaca  
  The village - Tocile Lacuri  
  Weekend - Tocile Sadu  
  "Fulg de Nea"   Fulg de Nea - Paltinis
  • Situated at the entrance of the Paltinis holiday resort (clamp 5 km) the 2 twin villas symbolically entitled “Fulg de Nea”...     
  "Grandfather’s House "   Casa Bunicului - Poplaca
  • A truly unique summer house situated at only 9 km from Sibiu in the village of Poplaca....  
  "The village"   La Sat - Tocile lacuri
  • The holiday villa is situated on a lake shore – part of a mini complex of 5 lakes - in a oasis of...  
  "Cisnadioara"   Cisnadioara
  • At the foot of the mountain, nearby the fortress from Cisnadiaora ...  
  "Weekend"   Weekend - Tocile Sadu

• The holiday villa Tocile-Sadu is intended to be an idyllic place where you can escape for a few hours or days from daily stress...